Engineering Services

This multifaceted expertise allows our team to meet the needs of communities and urban environments.
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What Engineering Services Do We Offer?

With a wealth of expertise in transportation engineering, roadway design, municipal utilities, site grading and development, and stormwater engineering, KLD delivers unparalleled engineering services. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes the following:

  • Storm Water/Erosion Control
  • Site Design/Grading Plans
  • Municipal Utility
  • Transportation
  • ISTS Design

Transportation Engineering

Our studies involve analyzing traffic patterns, volume, and flow to optimize the efficiency and safety of road networks. We design and plan roadways, intersections, and transportation systems with meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, we evaluate and strategize public transportation systems, encompassing buses, light rail, and other transit options to enhance mobility for everyone.

Roadway Design

We analyze and assess the alignment of roads, both horizontally and vertically, to ensure safe and efficient travel. Our expertise lies in designing road cross-sections, curves, and intersections that accommodate different vehicle types and speeds. We carefully select the most suitable materials and create road surfaces that prioritize durability and safety.

Municiple Utilities

Our team specializes in strategic planning and designing of potable water supply and distribution systems. We are experts in developing efficient sanitary and stormwater sewer systems for proper management of wastewater and storm runoff. Additionally, we excel in coordinating the design and installation of utility infrastructure, including water, gas, and electricity.

Site Grading and Development

Our expertise lies in strategically shaping the elevation and slope of the land, enabling efficient drainage and seamless construction. We meticulously organize the layout of structures, parking areas, and landscaping to maximize functionality on each site. Additionally, we proficiently manage and calculate the movement of soil during excavation and grading processes.

Stormwater Engineering

Our expertise lies in designing and implementing stormwater management systems to mitigate flooding and erosion risks. This includes the design of detention basins that effectively store stormwater and minimize its downstream effects. Additionally, we prioritize measures to prevent soil erosion and preserve water quality throughout the construction process.

Total Involvement

We are dedicated to ensuring regulatory compliance by upholding local, state, and federal regulations, as well as environmental guidelines. With comprehensive project management, we oversee every step from conception to completion, effectively managing budgets, timelines, and resources. Additionally, we conduct thorough environmental impact assessments to evaluate and mitigate the environmental implications of engineering projects.

Success in these fields relies on effective communication skills, seamless collaboration with interdisciplinary teams, and a profound grasp of engineering principles and software tools. Our team's multifaceted expertise enables us to contribute to the development of sustainable, safe, and efficient infrastructure projects that cater to the needs of communities and urban environments.