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Engineering & Surveying

Serving land owners, developers, and governmental agencies.
Brainerd and St. Cloud, Minnesota

KLD Land Surveying and Engineering Services

KLD offers a diverse range of services to clients in governmental, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Our expertise includes everything from preliminary design and final design plans for Minnesota Land Surveying to comprehensive surveying and platting services. We also specialize in providing Environmental Assessment Worksheets (EAW), conducting wetland delineations, and creating mitigation plans. With our highly skilled team, we can deliver top-notch planning concepts, innovative engineering solutions, and comprehensive survey services.

We have a long-standing commitment to meet the engineering, land surveying, and environmental services needs of municipalities, state and federal agencies, developers, and contractors. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving compliance with local land use regulations. With our extensive experience, we have the expertise to develop innovative solutions that perfectly align with our client's requirements.

With KLD's wealth of experience, dependable track record, and diversified team approach, our clients benefit from a comprehensive suite of services including roadway and utility design, site development, transportation engineering, surveying, and environmental solutions. We prioritize excellence and specialize in delivering superior service, ensuring accurate and timely completion of projects, all at a fair price.

KLD Technology

At KLD, we prioritize investing in cutting-edge GPS technology to ensure our clients receive the utmost accuracy in their data. By seamlessly integrating automated total stations, we can effortlessly transfer GPS field data directly into a comprehensive computer model of your project. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and improves the overall quality of our services.

At KLD, we leverage cutting-edge surveying technology to deliver precise survey data to our clients. For instance, we seamlessly integrate advanced technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS) and automated total stations to effortlessly extract field data and transform it into an accurate computer model, mirroring the current project conditions.

High-quality data is the foundation of exceptional data-driven solutions. Such excellence is the essence of the KLD approach.